Christ's Victory

Easter Weekend 2017

April 15, 2017 • Steve Schell

On Sunday, five days before He was crucified, Jesus said this: “Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out” (Jn 12:31). This world is under God’s judgment because of sin, and the “ruler of this world” is the devil. So on that day Jesus was announcing that His death on the cross and His resurrection would potentially release all humans from these two forms of bondage: the judgment of God and the control of the devil. He was announcing that He had come, like a warrior, to set us free from condemnation and bondage.

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So Be It to Me

Good Friday 2017 • April 14, 2017 • Steve Schell

Have you ever wondered why the death of Jesus had to be so brutal? We know He had to die for us; if He hadn’t we would still be separated from God by our sins. But why couldn’t He have been executed in some sort of respectful manner? Every time we read the gospel accounts of His arrest, trials and execution we’re shocked all over again at how cruel and unjust the whole process was. He wasn’t simply executed; He was degraded and dehumanized. And wouldn’t you have assumed that God would have prevented that from happening to His own Son, that He would have arranged for His death to be relatively painless? But He didn’t, and it wasn’t. It was horrible. Why?