I Would Never Do That!

No matter how good you become you will always need the righteousness of Jesus.

September 7, 2014 • Van N. Houser • Matthew 26:33-35. 69-75

We normally have high expectations of ourselves and tend to place them on others about us in the church. The violating of our deepest values produces the worst of pain and guilt. "I would never do that" fails to recognize the frailty of man and the power of the tempter. There are warning signs that can detour us from spiritual defeat.

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Water Cooler Evangelism

How Jesus Changed the Woman • January 12, 2020 • Van N. Houser

The majority of believers feel that they have done their part by believing in and worshipping Christ. But, as believers, what we have experienced brings us the privilege of sharing with others a lifechanging message.

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