My Story (Season 1 Episode 6)

Ruth Campbell and Susan Stirling.

May 13, 2023 • Ruth Campbell, Susan Sti

A wonderful uplifting evening of testimony and music. Ruth Campbell is a Scottish musician with a passion for sharing God's love through her music. She is accompanied by Susan Stirling of Jiggered Ceilidh Band.

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My Story (Episode 7)

March 12, 2024 • Rev Iain MacAskill, DJ Stewart • Psalm 139

Born into the travelling community with deep roots in the Highlands, he shares a compelling tale of upbringing, and an extraordinary journey to faith In http://jesus.don't miss out on this incredible story of hope and perseverance. DJ's story is one you surely won't want to miss.

My Story Episode 5 (Mark and Sharon Hinde)

April 15, 2023 • Mark and Sharon Hinde

Mark and Sharon Hinde have been married since 2008. Both formerly teachers, God called them out of school leadership careers into ministry 10 years ago, since which time, they have pastored a church and more recently led the Scotland team for Open Doors, serving the persecuted church. Both are passionate about sharing Jesus and seeing believers grow strong in the faith. Contrary to the prognosis of doctors, Mark & Sharon also have an 8-year-old miracle daughter called Faith. In late 2021. Mark became gravely ill and was given no hope of pulling through. However, they witnessed God do amazing healing and now spend time sharing the incredible story and giving glory to God.

My Story (Episode 4)

March 17, 2023

Nashville Singer-Songwriter Stephanie Staples shares her story through music ministry. Stephanie Staples has ministered and performed around the world for over two decades, taking her passionate and contemplative music to a variety of venues in the USA, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada, and across the United Kingdom and Europe. Stephanie’s studio albums tell part of her story but it is in her live performances that she truly shines, captivating audiences and fostering a reflective and prayerful atmosphere as she pours the full depth of her life experiences into her music, not shying away from the reality of suffering and dark times but reflecting a light that persists through it all. Her songs are soothing, reflective, and hopeful and many have said that her humor and shared between songs have a similar impact.