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Hey small and mighty KiDS and Parents! We are back again in February to read the book of Matthew!! WAHOO! Just like last month, we will be putting out videos every single Friday- but we won't be covering the whole book of Matthew in those videos. This is why we made another READING PLAN!! You'll read just a couple chapters a day and by the end of February, you'll have read the entire book of Matthew! We hope you'll join us this month in the book of Matthew and commit to be Kids who know their Bibles! We love you, family!!!!

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Transition from the Old to the New

January 2, 2022 • Pastor Trey Kent

Matthew: Lesson 4

Children's Ministry

Join Mr. Noah and Mrs. Lilly today for a lesson about the death and resurrection of Jesus! We will look at some scripture from Matthew 28 and talk about the most important part of our faith. Grab your Bibles and come join us!!

Matthew: Lesson 3

Children's Ministry

Join Mr. Noah and Mr.s Lilly as we take a look into when Jesus walks on water and what it looks like to have faith in Jesus!