Christmas Series: Week 1

Jesus Came To Be The Only Lasting Light In Our Dark World

Noah & Lilly Scibana

This week, Mrs. Lilly looks at a couple passages in Isaiah where we see that Jesus came to bring light into our dark and broken world. We talk lots about where we see all of the Old Testament looking towards the coming of Jesus!! Grab your Bibles and join us for week one in our four week study!

Christmas: Week 4

Jesus Came To Be Immanuel, God With Us • Noah & Lilly Scibana

Join Mrs. Lilly for our FINAL VIDEO of 2020!!!!!! Grab your Bibles and let's dive in!!

Christmas: Week 3

Jesus Came To Demonstrate Real, True, Full Love. • Noah & Lilly Scibana

Join Mrs. Lilly this week as we look at God's wonderful love! We know that God IS love and scripture is so clear about that!! Grab your Bibles and let's look at God's word together!!

Christmas: Week 2

Jesus Came To Find And Save The Lost, And Thats Us. • Noah & Lilly Scibana

Join Mrs. Lilly for week 2 of our Christmas study! This week, we are looking at the fact that Jesus came to find and save the lost. We look at some scripture and we take a look and some of the people from the new testament that the person of Jesus Christ talked to and saved! So grab your Bibles and lets dig into God's word!