Genesis: Lesson 5

God Called Abram

Children's Ministry

Join Mr. Noah and Mrs. Lilly for this lesson on God calling Abram!! God had a mighty call on the life of Abram and he has a mighty call on you, too!

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Genesis: Promo

Children's Ministry

HAPPY NEW YEAR KIDS! Wow, God did so much in 2020, in the midst of a crazy time! We said back in November that we had something fun and exciting planned for the new year, and we are SOOO excited to announce that we are going to be reading through the WHOLE BOOK OF GENESIS! We really felt like this is what God had for us in this new season and we can't wait to see what He will do! You can find the daily reading plan on the app and on our website, both under the children's tab! IN ADDITION!! Our beloved and amazing Nikki and Grant Carroll have created more curriculum for the book of Genesis, so we will be releasing videos every single Tuesday and Friday on the app and website as well. These videos will cover the major people and stories in Genesis. We know there is power in knowing the Word of God and that's our heart in this: it's that we (us and you, small and mighty kiddos) would know God's word so you can fight the spiritual battle! We love you and we can't wait to see what God is going to do in 2021!!!!!

Genesis: Lesson 1

Children's Ministry

Join Mr. Noah and Mrs. Lilly on this beautiful Tuesday for the beginning of man! This is a wonderful lesson learning about the very first people that ever walked the earth: Adam and Eve! In this episode, you'll see us get a little silly, and you'll want to stick around until the end! Mr. Noah made sure to include some bloopers of Mrs. Lilly forgetting how to pronounce things!

Genesis: Lesson 2

Children's Ministry

Wow, you won't want to miss this lesson with Mr. Noah and Mrs. Lilly!! Today, we talk about hard stuff- we talk about the moment sin entered the world. Everything was perfect, until Adam and Eve sinned and nothing was the same, there was now separation between people and God. BUT heres the good news!! Jesus came to restore us to a right relationship with God the Father! So grab your Bibles and join us for lesson two!