December Nights 2021

December Nights - Salvation Here (Christmas Eve)

December 24, 2021 • Jeff Noble • Matthew 1:18–23

Remember one simple truth on Christmas Eve: Salvation is here. Jesus came for us. God gave His Son for you. It matters not what you’ve done or you will do. It matters what God has done for you in Christ. This Christmas Eve, we want to invite you to rejoice. God loves you so much that He sent Jesus.

December Nights - Born for You

December 19, 2021 • Jeff Noble • Luke 2:1–20

In this message, we look at the angelic appearance to the shepherds. Their response to the announcement of "good news of great joy for all the people" should also shape our own response to Christmas!

December Nights - Joseph & Mary's Response

December 12, 2021 • Jeff Noble • 1 John 3:8, Luke 1:26, Matthew 1:19

The miraculous story of how Mary received the ultimate blessing from the Lord is an epic tale of grace for all of us. We can learn from Mary's confusion and fright how to respond when God interrupts our lives. Our own carefully thought-out plans may be changed in a moment. God's plans may inconvenience us, but obedience is more important than convenience.

December Nights - "Three Responses to Christmas"

December 5, 2021 • Jeff Noble • Luke 1:12–20, 1 John 3:8, Luke 1:76–79

As the month of December begins, the time of giving and joy must stay with us throughout the year. By the time of Jesus's birth, few people were actively waiting and watching for the Messiah. Jesus' birth shows defines Christmas and is a gift from God for all nations. How we respond to the birth of Christ will define not just our present but our futures.