The Sent Church


January 17, 2016 • Jeff Noble

Our Acts series is launched with this message by Jeff Noble. In it, you'll hear a broad overview of the book of Acts, its purpose, its authorship and how the material in it can challenge and shape the church of the 21st century.

Acts 1:1-12

February 7, 2016 • Jeff Noble

The first 12 verses of the book of Acts are both an introduction to the "delivery room" of the New Testament church and a reprise of the final words of the gospel of Luke. In this message, you'll learn about the 40 days between Jesus' resurrection and ascension and be challenged, along with the first 11 disciples, to WAIT on God's promises.

Acts 1:12-26

February 14, 2021 • Jeff Noble

This message focuses on Acts 1:12-26. In it, the disciples are gathered in the upper room, waiting on the promised Holy Spirit. While they wait, they pray and select a man to fill the vacancy left by Judas' suicide. What can we learn from this time of waiting, decision-making and prayerfulness by the pre-church?

Acts 2:1-13

February 21, 2016 • Jeff Noble

Acts 2:1-13 describes the coming of the Holy Spirit into the lives of the early disciples in Jerusalem and what resulted. This message centers on the significance of that event, its historicity as well as its application for modern followers of Jesus Chri

Acts 2:14-41

February 28, 2016 • Neal Nelson

This message covers the growth of the "baby church" in Acts 2:14-41. The apostle Peter preaches the first sermon of the new church, and 3000 people become Christians! What can we learn from this early sermon, and what is necessary for people to become a Christian "from scratch?"

Acts 2:42-47

March 6, 2016 • Adam Wilson

This message examines what the newly Spirit-filled church devoted itself to in the immediate days after the birth of the church. Discipleship and College Minister Adam Wilson shares from Acts 2:42-47 the incredible dynamics of a church unified by God and relates how it applies to our contemporary setting.

Acts 3:1-16

March 13, 2016 • Dave Farris

A lame man is healed as the first church experiences its first recorded miracle. From Acts 3:1-16, Dave Farris shares how signs and wonders are intended to magnify Jesus and build up the church. Davis is the pastor of our Pulaski campus.

Acts 3:17-26

March 20, 2016 • Jeff Noble

This Palm Sunday message recognizes that the crowds really didn't understand the Messiah that Jesus was when they celebrated His ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. From Acts 3:17-26, lead pastor Jeff Noble teaches on the importance of repentance. Only by changing our minds and beliefs about Jesus can we experience fullness and blessing from God.

Acts 4:1-22

March 27, 2016 • Jeff Noble

This passage records the first run-in that the early church had with the authorities. Peter and John are jailed - for healing a lame man and preaching about the Resurrection. Their boldness before the religious leaders astonishes their interrogators as they proclaim with confidence that Jesus is the Messiah. The message has practical application for how we must "be with Jesus" in order to be prepared to answer those who challenge us.

Acts 4:23-31

April 3, 2016 • Jeff Noble

In this message, we looked Peter and John's return from prison to the church. Lead pastor Jeff Noble shared six principles for becoming a joyfully bold believer.

Acts 4:32-5:11

April 10, 2016 • Jeff Noble

The growing church demonstrates a depth of unity and fellowship that is hard for us as modern believers to comprehend as they even sell their possessions in order to meet the needs of people in the church. Into this joyful time of growth, an abrupt lesson is learned that reminds the church that we cannot lie to God.

Acts 5:12-25

April 17, 2016 • Jeff Noble

In this message from Acts 5:12-25, we study the power of God on display in the early church and how "signs and wonders" were intended to point people to Jesus and the gospel. Lead pastor Jeff Noble shows that the focus of the early church was on LIFE that God offered through faith in Jesus and not on sensational spirituality.

Acts 5:17-42

April 24, 2016 • Darrell Cook

What do we do when things are "roller coastery?" We have a hard time embracing change and the ups and downs of life. We let hindrances bother us more than we should. Darrell Cook, VT BCM Director, teaches on this passage about choosing obedience even in the midst of hardship.

Acts 6:1-7

May 1, 2016 • Jeff Noble

The early church experienced exponential growth that led to some growing pains. In this passage, lead pastor Jeff Noble teaches on the first recorded complaints from church members! How do the apostles respond with grace, wisdom and solutions?

Acts 6-7

May 8, 2016 • Jeff Noble

In this message, we learn about the church's first martyr and how he responded like Jesus upon His death. It was only possibly because he was a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. As a result, his life radiated with grace and power. Lead pastor Jeff Noble shares some thoughts on how we too can demonstrate grace and power in our daily living which will bless others.