Stress or Blessed

The Kind of Work God Blesses

June 7, 2020 • Roy Mansfield

In this time of great uncertainty one out of five people in our nation are unemployed. Those who still have a job aren’t sure what the future holds. God has a purpose for our work and it is bigger (but not smaller) than a paycheck to provide for our families. No one knows the future but The God who designed it. We need more than a great work ethic and a highly marketable product or service. We need the limitless God of the universe to bless our work. In this message we will learn how to work in a way that God will bless

Leaving A Legacy

May 31, 2020 • Marty Martin

Message description: What is the key to knowing what's really important? The Biblical truth in today's message will give you the solution.

The Power of Making Healthy Choices

May 24, 2020 • Roy Mansfield

Are the pressures and circumstances of navigating COVID019 wearing on you? In this message we will learn how to encounter God and make an impact on our world in these unprecedented times.

The Test

May 17, 2020 • Marty Martin

Description: In a time of financial insecurity, how can we have peace? Today's message contains a principle that when applied can reduce stress regarding personal finance.

Discovering My Impact

May 10, 2020 • Justin Godwin

Message description: Have you ever wondered about your individual purpose and how it fits into this world? Join us this Sunday to learn how to make a lasting impact in ways you may never have expected.

How To Fulfill God's Plan For My Life

May 3, 2020 • Justin Godwin

Message Description: How do you fulfill your God given dreams and goals when you feel like you've hit a wall? The Biblical truth in today's message teaches us how to follow through when the going gets tough.

Getting What You Want

April 26, 2020 • Marty Martin

Message description: Do you want to make the most out of the next ten years of your life? Today's message talks about how to put a plan into place to help keep you focused so you can obtain God's best for your life.

Stress or Blessed

April 19, 2020 • Marty Martin

Does it ever feel like the world is against you and that nothing seems to go right for you? Today's message shares Biblical truth to help you find a life of blessing.