Faith Over Fear A Better Way

Faith Over Fear A Better Way

When you feel alone, anxious and afraid

Description: Have you ever been anxious and afraid and felt completely alone? There is another way! A better way so that you don’t have to suffer like this. Today’s message teaches us the better way!

When Anxiety Attacks

Description: Anxiety has a way of popping up and disrupting our lives. How do you handle times of anxiety? Today's message offers some Biblical tools to combat this common problem.

Faith over Fear: You Are a Carrier

Description: You are a carrier. Is what you are carrying worth catching? Fear is contagious, but so are faith, hope and love. Join us this week and discover how to be a faith spreader, love giver and hope dealer.

Seeing your future with faith not fear

April 24, 2022 • Marty Martin

Description: Do you find yourself bogged down in a season of fear and negativity? God never intended that for you, He has a better way. Join us today to discover how you can live a life of vision and faith.