Christmas Series

Christmas Series

Christmas Eve

Celebrate Christmas with Northstar Church.

The Christmas Gift of Peace

December 18, 2022 • Pastor Marty Martin

Description: We all want to live in a state of tranquility (peace), but how is that possible during such a crazy, busy season? Today's message explains how we can live in a state of peace every day.

How to Worship the Savior

December 11, 2022

Description: As we learn to slow down so that we don't miss Christmas this year, what are some ways to worship the Savior whom we are celebrating? Today's message talks about practical ways to worship our Savior.

Don't Miss Christmas

December 4, 2022

Description: Tis the season for the crazy, busy life that is running toward Christmas Day with more push than we can hardly tolerate with joy! How do we slow down long enough to enjoy the time and keep our focus on the real reason for this season? Today's message focuses on finding a way to not miss Christmas!