What To Do When You Get Another Chance


March 21, 2021 • Marty Martin

Message description: What do you do when you get a second chance? Today's message will give you the tools you need to make the most out of the opportunity of a second chance.

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What To Remember When Things Don’t Go Your Way

March 28, 2021 • Lee Cordell

No matter your age, you’ve probably realized by now that most things in life don’t go your way. When things didn’t go Jonah’s way, he grew resentful toward God. In this message, we will walk through some of the mistakes that Jonah made while trying to live out his life mission. Then, we’ll give you four important truths to remember when your life doesn’t go according to plan.

What To Do When Things Feel Hopeless

March 14, 2021 • Marty Martin

Message description: Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that feels hopeless. The Biblical truth in today's message shows us how to find hope when it feels like all hope is lost.

What Do You Do When You Create Your Own Chaos

March 7, 2021 • Marty Martin

Description: Sometimes as we journey through life we do something that causes us to go through a rough patch. The Biblical truth in today's message will help us know how to navigate the chaos we created and find hope for the other side.