It's All about Love

Life's Greatest Aim

February 5, 2023

Description: What would Jesus say is to be our number one goal in life? How can you pursue such a lofty goal on a daily basis? Today's teaching focuses on getting back to the basics so that we can truly work toward reaching life's highest aim.

The Secret of Lasting Love

March 19, 2023

Description: Love is such an exciting thing in the beginning stages but how do some people find a way to make it last a lifetime? Today's message gives the secret to having a love that lasts through all the highs and lows of life.

Love Is Not Easily Angered

March 12, 2023

Description: How can I process anger in a healthy way? Today's teaching unpacks practical tools from the Bible that will help you tame your temper when it flares up.

Love Lets it Go

March 5, 2023

Description: How can I show love to the difficult people in my life and still maintain my own personal dignity? The teaching in today's message has the power to change the dynamics in difficult relationships.