Identity – How You See Yourself Really Matters

Stuff You Should Know

August 6, 2023

Description: How would your life change if you really saw yourself the way God sees you? Today's message is an encouraging look at people through God's perspective.

How To Pass On Your Faith

September 10, 2023 • Marty Mar

Description: Are you intimidated when it comes to talking to your children or kids in your life about your faith? Join us this Sunday as we learn simple ways to share our faith with the kids we have influence with. 

When You're Harassed or Bullied

September 3, 2023

Description: How does God want you to respond when you are being harassed and bullied? Today's message walks us through the proper responses God gives us in His Word.

How To Use Your Digital Device for Good

August 27, 2023

Description: How can cell phones improve our relationships and deepen our faith? Today's message gives practical tools to help us engage with the digital world in a healthy way that actually improves our relationships and deepens our walk with God.