Find Common Ground

For Bay County

April 23, 2023 • Marty Martin

Description: The church has become unrelatable to so many. If we are to be carriers of hope, how do we create common ground within our community so that we can demonstrate that God is for them? Today's message gives practical ways of building common ground so that hope can be spread.

Build A Dream For Our Community

May 7, 2023

Description: Jesus was a pioneer and we are called to follow His ways. Join us this weekend as we learn more about how we can impact our community with the love of Jesus.

A New Name For God

April 30, 2023

Description: How would things be different in our world if people thought differently about how God sees them? Today's message gives us a new perspective on God that when understood has the potential to change everything.

For Bay County

April 16, 2023

Description: How is the church making a difference in the community? How can we make a bigger impact? Today's message kicks off a series on community involvement and engagement designed to communicate the love of Jesus in very tangible ways.