God's Strategy for My Success

This is My Year

January 8, 2023

Message Description: Are you ready to put some feet under your God given dreams to bring them into fruition? Today's message teaches the Biblical blue print for success

Stopping a Bad Habit

January 29, 2023 • Pastor Marty Martin

Description: What is that one bad habit you can't seem to shake? What if there is a specific thing you can do to eliminate that habit from your life? Today's message talks about the one thing you can do to finally kick that bad habit to the curb!


January 22, 2023

Description: It's good to have a goal or a plan in place, but it's not going to come to fruition until you actually get motion moving behind it. So how do you get started? Today's message gives the biblical formula for getting your God given plan into motion.

Who Before Do

January 15, 2023

Description: For this to be your year, there is one question you can ask that will help you stay focused on your goals. Today's message gives basic principles on reaching your goals and talks about the one question you can ask every time you need to make a decision that can be a real game changer for your decision making.