The Armor of God


June 11, 2023

Description: What can we do to protect ourselves against the schemes and attacks of the enemy? Today's message gives us practical tools we can use to be prepared for the Spiritual battle we face.

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The Third Mark of the Occult

June 4, 2023

Description: Determining if something is of the occult can be rather obvious when you know what to look for. Join us this Sunday to learn about the third mark of the occult.

The First Two Marks of the Occult

May 28, 2023

Description: Sometimes we may wonder how to know if something is of the occult. Today's message teaches about the first two marks of the occult so that we can have wisdom in our decision making.

Navigating the Spiritual World

May 21, 2023

Description: Most of us are aware that there is more going on around us than what we see with our eyes. There is a spiritual realm that interacts with the natural realm. Today's message explores the spiritual landscape to give us more awareness.