A beginners guide to prayer

Prayer: A Better Way

Description: Do you ever struggle to connect with God in prayer? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Marty teaches us how to talk with God in simple and sincere ways.

How to Respond When God Says No

Roy Mansfield

There’s no such thing as an unanswered prayer. God answers every prayer with “Yes,” “Wait,” or “No.” The last response is always the most difficult one to receive, and can be flat-out heartbreaking. In this message, Pastor Roy teaches us why God says, “No.” You’ll learn how God’s answer is his way of protecting you, helping you grow spiritually, and teaching you his perspective, plan, and purpose for your life. Discover how to trust that God does everything—even saying, “No”—out of goodness and love.

Praying to the God Who Heals

April 3, 2022 • Lee Cordell

God is willing and able to heal today. He invites and empowers us to join him in this work.

How to Pray Throughout Your Day

Description: Imagine how strong your relationship with God could be if you had a proven strategy behind your prayer life. In this message, Pastor Marty shares his own personal prayer strategy based on the Lord’s Prayer. Join us to find out how to plan your prayers, schedule your prayer time, and keep a running conversation with God that’s as natural as breathing.