1. Destroy The List

Jonathan Alexander • Haggai 1:1-15

Small Group Questions: http://bit.ly/2fB8yuE When we hear the word “priorities,” we picture a list with the most important things on top. When we finish those things, we move on to the next thing. When we use the language of priorities in our spiritual life, we typically think, “It’s God first, family second, and after that, anything we chose.” But when it comes to God, there’s a problem with priorities. In this new series, we’re going to explore the Old Testament book of Haggai and unpack the problem with priorities. We’re going to learn to take God off of the top of the list and put Him where He belongs.

3. Shake It Up

November 27, 2016 • Jonathan Alexander

Many of the items on our priority lists are important, if not necessary to us, with those of greatest value residing at the top. However, we can put our faith in those items without realizing it, as if somehow completing those tasks and putting the time in to do so fulfills a deeper purpose. But when we take God off the list and put Him in the center of each item on that list, how does that affect how we work through those same tasks? What does it look like when God's values intersect with the earthly values we often cling so close to and even put our faith in?

2. Go Small or Go Home

November 20, 2016 • Jonathan Alexander

Small Group Questions: http://bit.ly/2f7RBpI When we create a priority list, often we put the biggest, most impactful item first. At least if we accomplish those 2-3 important things, anything missed can more easily be pushed to the next day and we can rest a little easier. When we place Him on that priority list, our relationship with Jesus often becomes defined by how well you accomplish those tasks. But does his grace cover only things that we can check off? Or does the everyday things we do and say make a difference?