Christmas: It's All Good

The Good News of Christmas • 4-Part Study

Part 1 • Better Than True

Andy Stanley

Questioning whether the message of Jesus is true is not the only reason people are walking away from faith. They’re asking “Is it good?” Two thousand years ago, the arrival of Jesus was good news of great joy for all people. So, what—if anything—changed?

Part 2 • Leveling the Playing Field

Andy Stanley

The original message of Jesus was so compelling that everyone who heard it wanted it to be true. Today, maybe the version some people hear is not as appealing.

Part 3 • Be the News

Andy Stanley

Every generation of Jesus-followers is responsible for ensuring the news of the Christian faith stays true to the original. So . . . are you good news? What if you’re the only news someone gets?

Part 4

Andy Stanley

Christmas is the “ready or not and believe it or not, here I come” holiday. And God came for you because he’s FOR you. Belief is how we move in his direction. He has already moved in ours.