You're Not the Boss of Me

Don’t Let Your Emotions Be the Boss of You • 6-Part Study

Part 1 • From the Heart

Andy Stanley

No one likes being told what to do. And yet many of us are being unintentionally pushed around by six dangerous emotions.

Part 2 • Guilt

Andy Stanley

When it comes to guilt, many of us naturally lean in one of two directions. Either we wallow in it or we deny it. In either case, there’s a way to overcome it.

Part 3 • Envy

Andy Stanley

Envy causes us to compare and compete with others in an unhealthy way. It brings arrogance when we’re winning and discouragement when we’re not. It robs us of contentment and causes us to feel like—as an ancient king put it—we’re chasing after the wind. But envy doesn’t have to be the boss.

Part 4 • Anger

Andy Stanley

When we are angry, our emotions tell us it’s 100 percent someone else’s fault. But James, the brother of Jesus, has something different to say.

Part 5 • Fear

Andy Stanley

All of us experience occasional fear. Sometimes that fear can protect us from harm. On the other hand, living with too much fear can cause us to be self-absorbed, distracted, and overly protective. But the good news is: You don’t have to be afraid even when there’s something to be afraid of.

Part 6 • Undercover Boss

Andy Stanley

We all have hopes and dreams, but what are we supposed to do when our hearts are broken and our dreams can’t come true? It’s tempting to take matters into our own hands, but is there a better way?