Some Assembly Required

What’s important about church? • 3-Part Study

Part 1 • Body or Building

Gavin Adams

It’s time to go to school. It’s time to go to practice. It’s time to go to work. And it’s time to go to church. After all, we “go” to these things, right? Well, not exactly. While a church looks like a place, it’s much more than a building. Paul explained that to the first-century church. And we might need a reminder too.

Part 2 • Function or Form

Gavin Adams

It’s easy to move away from consistently gathering with other believers. After all, faith is personal. However, we’ve been told to “not give up meeting together.” The key question is “Why?”

Part 3 • Father or Big Brother

Gavin Adams

Jesus was the master of creating stories to make important points. In one of his most famous ones, we often embrace the first point but completely miss the second. That’s unfortunate since the second part of the parable concerns us as his church.