Gaining & Maintaining Financial Stability • 6-Part Study

Part 1 • Opening the Books

Andy Stanley

What does it mean to be balanced in the realm of our personal finances? And why talk about our personal finances in church? Because our attitudes and practices with our finances are a reflection of our relationship with God. So instead of guessing – guessing about what God says about money and guessing where our money actual goes – let’s open up the books and take the necessary steps to become balanced.

Part 2 • Reading the Fine Print

Andy Stanley

What is the one thing that drives your finances? What are the factors that influence every financial decision that you make? What do you hope to do with all the money that you earn? The Bible responds to those questions very clearly . . . with an answer that can end up simplifying your financial perspective.

Part 3 • Back in the Black

Andy Stanley

Why is getting out of debt such a difficult issue for so many people? The problem isn’t a lack of assistance. There are plenty of “get-out-of-debt” tools available. The problem lies in our consumer mentality. It’s a spiritual problem – an issue of self-control.

Part 4 • Creating a New Line Item

Andy Stanley

We all have extra whether we realize it or not. Extra clothes. Extra food. Extra money. Extra stuff. The question is never whether we have enough extra. The thing we should be asking ourselves is what are we doing with our extra.

Part 5 • Managing Your Expenses

Andy Stanley

When we become aware of what we don’t have. . . we become discontent, and spend accordingly. Yet when we become aware of what others need. . . we become content, and give accordingly. Are you aware of what you don’t have or are you aware of what others need?

Part 6 • Developing a Plan

Andy Stanley

When it comes to personal finances, we often put ourselves first, and God usually gets our leftovers. But then to whom do we turn when we are having financial trouble? Yep! The person we’ve put last. Doesn’t make sense, does it?