How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Three secrets for avoiding regret • 3-Part Study

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Andy Stanley

Maybe you’ve started a diet and then snuck chocolate on the sly. Or perhaps you’ve set a budget and then browsed for new things you didn’t need. At times, we’ve all been our own worst enemy. In this series, Andy Stanley shares three things that can help you avoid the behaviors that ultimately undermine your relationships, career, finances, and success.

Part 1 • Pay Attention!

Andy Stanley

We all face dilemmas in which circumstances point us in one direction, but our consciences point us in a different direction. An Old Testament story—one we’d never expect to read in the Bible—shows us what to do when we’re not sure what’s the right thing to do.

Part 2 • Pay Attention To Your Narratives

Andy Stanley

Few of us ever stop to question the narratives we’ve inherited—Men are all… Women are always… People like that should never... Doing so might be uncomfortable, but you won’t believe what’s at stake if you’re brave enough to dismantle the possibly comfortable but definitely destructive stories you’re telling yourself.

Part 3 • Listen

Andy Stanley

When we see someone else self-destruct, we think to ourselves, I would never do that. But truth be told, we’re all capable of ending up where we never thought we’d be. How do we avoid that fate? The secret is simple…but not always easy.