Community: Starting Well

Beginning a Group • 8-Part Study

Part 1 • Show Up

Andy Stanley & Teesha Hadra

Community isn’t just a nice option. It’s a need—like food, water, and shelter. God created in us a need for him and for other people. Our community with others becomes the real-world setting where we practice the love that a relationship with God produces in us.

Part 2 • Pursue God

Gavin Adams & Teesha Hadra

We all have relationships that feel awkward and uncomfortable. And for a lot of people, their relationship with God is an odd one, perceiving God as distant and uncaring or maybe even angry and judgmental.

Part 3 • Join In

Clay Scroggins & Teesha Hadra

We all put on acts. We go to extremes to create and protect the fake versions of ourselves we present to the world. But isn’t there something in you—something in each of us—that makes you want to be known for who you really are?

Part 4 • Be Real

Billy Phenix & Teesha Hadra

Over the next few weeks, each of you will tell your story. You may be eager to let others know who you are, or you may feel anxious. Remember, the people in your group have chosen to be in community—a kind of community different than the casual friendships we normally experience.

Part 7 • Be the Church

Jeff Henderson & Teesha Hadra

Over the past few sessions, you’ve told your stories. You’re getting to know one another beyond the surface details of jobs and hometowns and where you went to school. Building trust is an ongoing process.

Part 8 • Be Together

Andy Stanley & Teesha Hadra

In this final session, you'll review the values and goals of your Community Group. This simple exercise is a great way to ensure that everyone’s expectations are aligned.