Bad Blood

Relational Tension • 4-Part Study

Part 1 • The Empathy Lens

Clay Scroggins

Discover the secret to finding peace about a difficult relationship even when you can't find peace in the relationship.

Part 2 • Holding On

Clay Scroggins

What should you do about the "bad blood" relationships in your life? This one thing will help you find peace.

Part 3 • A Conversation or a Confrontation

Clay Scroggins

Jesus says if you have bad blood with another person, you should go and have a conversation with him or her. But why should you go, when should you go, and how should you go?

Part 4 • Shaking the Dust Off

Clay Scroggins

No matter how badly you want peace, there are some relationships that may never be fully restored. But doing this one thing can help you find peace about any relationship.