Comparison Trap

For Women • 4-Part Study

Part 1 • The Land of Er

Sandra Stanley

We all want to be rich-er, smart-er, or funny-er. In this episode, learn why comparison is a game no one wins.

Part 2 • Looking Around

Sandra Stanley

We all feel the need for approval. Who or what do you use as your reference point to tell you you're okay? In this session, consider whose opinion can change the way you feel about yourself.

Part 3 • Two Bags Full

Sandra Stanley

We waste a lot of time and energy asking ourselves questions like, "Are they better off than we are? Is she smarter, funnier, richer?" In this session, learn how to be free from the comparison trap once and for all.

Part 4 • Out Loud & On Purpose

Sandra Stanley

In this session, consider the aspects of our lives that define and shape who we are. It ends with a challenge to acknowledge and do something with what is unique about you.