Christianity • 8-Part Study

Part 1 • Brand Recognition

Andy Stanley

"Christian" is a brand that can be attractive or repelling. But where did the word come from? Reexamine the word "Christian" and revisit the one thing Jesus wanted his followers to be known for.

Part 2 • Quitters

Andy Stanley

The words used to describe Christians today often bear no resemblance to the one word Jesus wanted his followers to be known for. Be challenged to change the reputation of Christianity by becoming a follower characterized by this one thing.

Part 3 • Insiders, Outsiders

Andy Stanley

Without intending to, Christianity won the West. It toppled the Roman Empire. And it did so without raising a sword. Learn the secret to the success of Christianity and where the modern Church has possibly gone wrong.

Part 4 • Showing Up

Andy Stanley

The early Christians in Rome had it tough. They were persecuted and blamed for crimes they didn't commit. In this message, discover the influence we may not even know we have as Christians.

Part 5 • When Gracie Met Truthy

Andy Stanley

The people Jesus loved were messy. The way Jesus loved was messy. His disciples often struggled to understand his extraordinary love.

Part 6 • Angry Birds

Andy Stanley

Jesus embodied both grace and truth. It's easy to be a church of truth or a church of grace, to be conservative or liberal. But when churches take either of those routes, there is a sense that something is wrong, that something's missing.

Part 7 • Loopholes

Andy Stanley

Looking for loopholes comes naturally. Jesus had a new perspective for the Jewish culture.

Part 8 • Working It Out

Andy Stanley

The person you are has been shaped by those who have loved you and those who have hurt you. Jesus understood this so well that his most urgent command to his disciples was about how they should treat each other.