Part 2 • The Younger Son

37:59 Minutes

If there's one thing that's true for all of us, it's that we will pursue our own desires and eventually come to regret it. It's a cycle in which we often find ourselves. Maybe it's here we will realize that our dependence on the Faither is what gives us true freedom in this life.

Part 1 • God as Father

The term "father" stirs up a variety of feeling and memories in all of us. So when we hear the term "heavenly Father," what feelings bubble up?In one story, Jesus gives us a perfect picture of who our heavenly Father truly is.

Part 3 • The Older Son

We all have the tendency to judge others based on what we think they deserve. In order to discover true peace, we need to shift our focus from others to ourselves and rest in the relationship we have with the Father.