Tear the Roof Off

August 2, 2015 • Clay Scroggins

How should you respond when others face a bottom-of-the-9th moment? It's not about saying something or doing something. It's about being someone.

One Yes at a Time

February 16, 2020 • Justin Warner

It’s easy to want the outcomes that make our lives better, but it’s hard to make some of the decisions that will get us there. Whether it’s pride, lack of follow-through, or failing to trust the process, the change you need to make could come down to one simple word.

You'll Want to Avoid This

February 2, 2020 • Samer Massad

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. To do that, we steer clear of things we know will bring us down. There’s one thing we all need to steer clear of, but it just may be that you’re already knee-deep in something without even knowing it.

Kingdom First

January 26, 2020 • Andy Stanley

The unity and diversity of the early church shocked and intrigued the ancient world. Ours should as well.