Good Grief

September 23, 2018 • Clay Scroggins

Most of the emotional stuff we cover up and refuse to deal with revolves around loss. We all struggle with expectations that went unmet, goals we failed to achieve, or dreams that were broken. How we handle our loss matters. It impacts the quality of our lives. If we bury those negative emotions alive, they will come back to haunt us . . . and the people we love.

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Healthy Emotional Habits

September 16, 2018 • Clay Scroggins

Establishing healthy habits will benefit the relationships you care most about. Others will reap from the emotional habits you sow.

Emotional Hygiene

September 9, 2018 • Clay Scroggins

Many of us learned from an early age to hide what we were feeling from other people. We got the message that showing our emotions made us look weak. In time, we became so skilled at hiding what we feel, we even learned to hide our emotions from ourselves. But hiding isn’t a sign of courage or strength. If we want to grow, we have to stop saying, “It’s fine,” and start being honest—with ourselves and others—about what’s going on inside.