Awe Longing

AWE Series • July 31, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

God created humans to be fully & finally satisfied by heaven alone.

Awe Parenting

AWE Series • July 17, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

The job of a parent is to do everything they can to put the glory & grace of God before their children so that the awe of God would rule over their hearts.

Awe Church

AWE Series • July 10, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

God has designed that all his people would be involved in his redemptive work all the time.

Awe Worldview

AWE Series • July 3, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

If awe of God is not at the center of your worldview, you will view nothing properly.

Awe Adultery

AWE Series • June 26, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

Awe of God will produce willing submission to his boundaries but a lack of awe of God will lead us to step over them.

Awe Amnesia

AWE Series • June 19, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

When you are blind to the stunning, expansive glory of God, and when you fail to remember his infinite greatness, you will live with an atrophied heart.

Awe Replacement

AWE Series • June 12, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

Only when God is in His rightful place will we set ourselves and others in the appropriate place in our hearts.

Heart War

AWE Series • June 5, 2016 • Pastor Dan Williams

We need the 'awe of God' to recapture, refocus, & redirect our hearts again & again.