Matt Erickson - To Work is to Worship

Brookfield Campus

February 4, 2017 • Matt Erickson • No Regrets Men's Conference 2017

If we spend the majority of our waking days at our workplaces, what does it look like for us to integrate our faith and our work? Join in the journey of letting your work become worship as we explore our work in light of God’s purpose for the world and for humanity. As Paul wrote, ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord’ (Colossians 3:23).”

Chip Ingram - Preaching for Life Change

Brookfield Campus • February 4, 2017 • Chip Ingram

There are three kinds of preaching: Informational preaching, Inspirational preaching, and Transformational preaching. Accurate biblical knowledge is important, but it’s not the end game. Inspiring stories that stir emotions and set our hearts aflame have their place, but they’re not the endgame. In this session you will learn how to become a high impact communicator that God uses for spiritual transformation in the life of the hearers.

Phil Schank - White Privilege and Its Effect on Ministry

Lake Country Campus • February 4, 2017 • Phil Schank

Engaging White Privilege and What To Do About It.

Mac McCarthy - Hug Your Catcus

Lake Country Campus • February 4, 2017 • Mac McCarthy

All of us have parts of our lives we wish were different. But embracing our prickly parts--our faults & failures, weaknesses & regrets--is absolutely essential to our spiritual growth. In this seminar Mac talks about how having a child with special needs not only exposed his weaknesses, but paved the way for necessary spiritual growth.