2022 Breakout Seminars

Bryan Marvel - Forgiveness

February 5, 2022 • Bryan Marvel

We often think that forgiveness is something we offer for the sake of others. But Scripture teaches us that extending forgiveness is also for our own benefit. In this session we’ll look at how true freedom is found only when we forgive.

Jason Esposito - Anger

February 5, 2022 • Jason Esposito

“I’m Always Angry” -Bruce Banner in the Avengers Movies. Why is anger so often our initial reaction to relationship tension, work stress, financial challenges and the world we live in? Is there something under the anger, under the waterline of our life that is driving our anger? How can I understand what is really going on and become a man who responds in an appropriate and godly manner? Jason will explore both the root of our anger and God’s plan to discover peace and self-control.

Jonathan Misirian - Work Transitions

February 5, 2022 • Jonathan Misirian

The reality is that most of us will face a work transition at some point in our careers. With God's help, we can prepare ourselves to not only handle it well but to thrive through the uncertainty that it brings. This session will provide some practical wisdom and experiences that will help each of us!

Mike M - Influence at Work & School

February 5, 2022

So many people in our world talk about being “influencers”. Could this idea of influence be the new evangelism? Mike will lead you to dive in and think about what it means to have Gospel influence.

Ray and Camille Monk - Intimacy in Marriage

February 5, 2022 • Ray and Camille Monk

"Don't wait until the water runs dry, if you do, you could watch pure love and togetherness pass you by.” Raymond and Camille will share how to start and maintain genuine intimacy in your marriage emotionally, spiritually and physically .