Terry Fulks - Witnessing - yes go do it.

Lake Country Campus

February 4, 2017 • Terry Fulks

In our pluralistic society, it’s becoming increasingly hard to share our faith with a loved one, friend, neighbor or coworker. How do we overcome the stance of “This Jesus thing works for you, but it’s not for me!” How do we stop people from shutting down the exclusive claims of Christ? Let’s experience how to share your faith in a highly relational culture while still expressing God’s truth to multiple generations. Come ready to be equipped to speak into generational mindsets with God’s truth.

Phil Schank - White Privilege and Its Effect on Ministry

February 4, 2017 • Phil Schank

Engaging White Privilege and What To Do About It.

Mac McCarthy - Hug Your Catcus

February 4, 2017 • Mac McCarthy

All of us have parts of our lives we wish were different. But embracing our prickly parts--our faults & failures, weaknesses & regrets--is absolutely essential to our spiritual growth. In this seminar Mac talks about how having a child with special needs not only exposed his weaknesses, but paved the way for necessary spiritual growth.

Tyler Loomis - Toward Oneness Marital Intimacy or Isolation

February 4, 2017 • Tyler Loomis

Sex is a result of intimacy. Sex provides intimacy. But sex within marriage is also a metaphor for intimacy - a reflection of the unity that exists within God himself: The Father, Son and Spirit. Emotional, sexual, and spiritual intimacy are the gifts and the intention of a Godly marriage, but how do we get there? In this seminar, we will look at the pitfalls of passivity, dominance and resentment that hinder the path toward biblical unity as God intended it and the call of husbands in the face of those pitfalls.