2017 Breakout Seminars

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Albert Tate - Maintaining Balance as a Pastor

February 4, 2017 • Albert Tate

The power of Sabbath rest. We will talk about what it means to work from rest and not just rest from work.

Albo Esilaba - Creating a Culture of Multiplication

February 4, 2017 • Albo Esilaba

Great leadership is defined by how it multiplies itself. This is easier said than done. This workshop focuses on how to make multiplication the culture of your church/organization. We will explore the lessons Elmbrook is learning as we seek to discover the greatest predictors to growth by multiplication more than addition. We will also explore some barriers to a multiplication culture that we need to navigate. This is a very practical workshop you will want to attend with your team.

Brian & Melissa Hofmeister - Intimacy in Marriage

February 4, 2017 • Brian & Melissa Hofmeister

Sex is a need in marriage. So is affection. God’s heart for marriage is to bring both together in a meaningful and intimate way. Come learn practical ways to put this practice in your marriage.

Brian Sonderman - To Work is to Worship

February 4, 2017 • Brian Sonderman

Men might spend two hours of their week at the church building or in a small group. This kind of worship is biblical and a vital rhythm in the life of a Christian. But during the other 166 hours of our week, we have just as much potential to worship the God who created us. Our time at church and small group should launch us out into the world—which includes the marketplace—prepared to take the hope of Jesus with us.

Casey Seymour - Successful Parenting

February 4, 2017 • Casey Seymour

Breakout seminar from No Regrets Men's Conference 2017

Charlie Shirley - Dealing with Transition in the Workplace

February 4, 2017 • Charlie Shirley

We spend nearly 60% of our waking hours at work. But most of us seek only to endure our jobs waiting for time away from work. What if those 40 (or 50 or 60) hours each week were as purposeful as God designed them to be? Find out how to discover God’s calling for your career.

Chris Henkaline - How to Lead Like Never Before in Your Marriage and Family

February 4, 2017 • Chris Henkaline

We will explore the Biblical benefits when you offer proper leadership in your marriage.

Chris Koshy - Young Mens Track Discovering Your Purpose

February 4, 2017 • Chris Koshy

Discovering your purpose is one of the most important things a human does on this earth. When your purpose is aligned with God, you and those around begin to see Kingdom impact. Take a risk. Those around and those you lead, need your purpose to be greater than yourself. We all need our purpose to be God’s purpose.

Chris Van Brocklin - Launching Mens Small Groups

February 4, 2017 • Chris Van Brocklin

Getting men in groups is a little like herding cats. We are fiercely independent, somewhat private, and don’t like to feel vulnerable. So how can we help men get past those barriers and experience the best God has for them? In this workshop we’ll explore best practices for helping men experience healthy, life-changing small groups.

Colleen Sonderman - Ten Things Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know

February 4, 2017 • Colleen Sonderman

I think we would all admit that there are significant differences between men and women. Because there are such specific physical, emotional and sexual differences, the needs each one has are very unique. This seminar will highlight some of those differences and help husbands to tailor their loving specifically to their wife’s unique needs.

Dan Green - Healing the Wounds From Your Past

February 4, 2017 • Dan Green

We all encounter losses, betrayals, or other forms of wounding in this fallen world. Our attempts to cope with the consequences of these wounds vary from ignoring the problems to being consumed by them. Life is often painful – how can we cope effectively? This seminar will review practical ways to understand what is happening in our lives and how to live well despite our circumstances.

Danny Parmelee - Starting Strong

February 4, 2017 • Danny Parmelee

When you placed your faith in Christ, you essentially enlisted in God’s army as a soldier of Christ (2 Timothy 2:3). There are some important steps you can take to prepare yourself for the lifelong process of growing as a disciple of Jesus. Come learn some very practical ways to be equipped for battle and to start strong in your faith. If you disciple men, this will give you more ways to strengthen young believers.

Dave H. - Reaching Your Neighbor in a Multicultural World

February 4, 2017 • Dave H.

Some say the church in America is in decline, and non-Christian immigrants will be our demise. Others suggest the hope of the Church is actually in the hands of new-comers. Some call for tighter border controls; others want to just co-exist. But what does Jesus say? And what can we do as believers?”