When The Church Leaves The Building

Acts 3:1-9

February 28, 2021 • Dr. Delman Coates

Fifty days after Easter is the celebration of Pentecost in the Christian calendar. This day calls for us to observe and celebrate the miracle recorded in Acts chapter 2 of the Holy Spirit being poured out onto 120 followers of Jesus in the Upper Room, giving birth to the New Testament Church. Pentecost is fundamentally about God empowering the Church through His Spirit to restore what was dead, to revive what wasn’t alive, and to give purpose, meaning and value to people who seemed to have lost it. The point, purpose, and plan for Pentecost was for God to empower a group of Palestinian Jews, who spoke the same language, to speak multiple languages; to empower a group from this one cultural background to be relevant to people of various and different backgrounds. And that’s exactly what this group of 120 people did. They took what happened in the Upper Room and went out to the world below. They didn’t keep their faith to themselves but shared it with everyone they had the chance to speak to. They reached out to those outside of the Upper Room so that they might become part of the family of believers as well.