How to Find the Will of God

Acts 16:6-10

March 7, 2021 • Dr. Delman Coates

At some point in all our lives, we are confronted with critical decisions, and choices that have to be made, and we want to know which way we should go, which choice we should make, which direction is God’s will for our lives. George Truett said, “to know the will of God is the greatest of all knowledge,” and yet as important as it is to be in God’s will, we oftentimes struggle to find the will of God for our lives. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. God doesn’t want us to be in the dark when it comes to His will. He wants us to have clarity. He wants us to know which direction to go. He wants us to be confident in which path we should take, which is why He gives us His Word, so we don’t have to be confused. We don’t have to second-guess, and we don’t have to suffer with decision paralysis. So here are a few tips on how to find the will of God for your life.