S3 E18

December 27, 2020 • Dulce Jones

Today's guests are Pastor Chris Aaron Rice, and Sam. Chris Aaron is one of the pastors on the team, and Sam is in the residential training program. His dad was a share cropper down in the Missouri Bootheel, and he has 23 siblings. He tells us about his family life, and how he wound up homeless, which led to him joining the residential training program. We also find out about his faith in Christ.

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In this episode of Club24 we get to meet Nicole, a new Christian excited about the path she is now on, as well as hearing from Pastor Chris Aaron Rice and his dad, Chris Rice, about some of the history of the New Life Evangelistic Center, and growing up in the midst of it (and Jesus People USA), and about the many places New Life is helping those in need.

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Club24, April 25, 2021

S4 E10 • April 25, 2021 • Dulce Jones

Dulce talks with CJ about what Club24 members help New Life to do for those in need, what has been changing in his life since joining the Leadership Training Program at the New Life Evangelistic Center, and the impact Jesus Christ makes in the life of those who follow Him.