Filling the God Sized Hole

S1 E35

September 25, 2020 • Chris Aaron Rice and Katie Kepley

Today we talk about substance abuse and addiction. Join us for a special conversation about substance abuse and addiction. How does addiction impact the homeless? Quinton Forrester brings his unique experience to the conversation.


S1 E49 • March 26, 2021 • Katie Kepley and Kelly Harris

On this episode, Katie sits down with Kelly Harris and talks about women's safety issues and the reality of homelessness in Springfield.


S1 E48 • March 12, 2021 • Katie Kepley and Sandra Beale

Katie interview's Sandra about her testimony and her passion to minister to the homeless in Springfield.

Walk With Me

S1 E47 • January 8, 2021 • Katie Kepley, Rick Kepley, and Kathy Kepley

Join Katie as she interviews her parents, Rick and Kathy Kepley, about how to walk in relationship with hurting people.