What Now?

How to Move Into Your Next Season

What Now? Introduction

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Don't let confusion or fear of the unknown keep you from moving toward the fullness of God's plan for your life. Instead, learn to listen to the spiritual whisper directing you to the next stage in your divine calling. As you long to live differently and find your heart awakening to new possibilities, What Now? will help you step forward bravely.

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At some point we all feel the need to reorient our lives towards God’s calling. Learn how to listen for God’s voice, re-envision the possibilities of your calling, and boldly move into the unknown with faith. In this series, we’ll look at five steps to help you move forward and answer the question: What Now? 1. Quiet your soul to listen 2. Re-envision your life story 3. Adjust your thinking 4. Invite others to your journey 5. Take the first bold step

Week 1

Quiet Your Soul to Listen

The very first step as you consider moving into a new season is to stop and listen. This seems simple enough, but it is often the most difficult step to take in a world filled with noise and distractions. There is an art to quieting our soul and listening to the still small voice. Who has God uniquely created you to be? What is the essence of your calling? How has God been preparing you for this new season? What is God whispering to you that you must quiet yourself to hear?

Week 2

Re-envision Your Life Story

The second step is to revisit your life’s story. When you are immersed in one intense chapter of your story, it is hard to see the bigger narrative. Sometimes one painful, disruptive, or traumatic chapter can seem to sabotage your whole story. Moving forward requires erasing a distorted storyboard, sorting through the identity lies and accepting your God-given story line.

Week 3

Adjust Your Thinking

The third step is to adjust your thinking so you can succeed in your new season. The mindset you carry into your new season can either sustain you or derail you. Your mind can convince you of something that isn’t really true, and you tell yourself it is an accurate and rational reflection of truth, but it’s merely a distortion. Psychologists refer to this as “cognitive distortion.” For many, moving to the next season requires a major adjustment to our pattern of thinking.

Week 4

Invite Others to Your Journey

The fourth step involves inviting others to our journey. The tendency to isolate and insulate ourselves relationally can determine the difference between success and failure in our next season. Embracing community requires a level of vulnerability and transparency that pride and self-sufficiency tend to aggressively resist. You cannot sustain a healthy new season without choosing to embrace the messiness of community.

Week 5

Take the First Bold Step

Every journey starts with a first step forward. You will not enter a new season by standing still. When the time is right, every new season is initiated by a bold step forward. A marriage journey is initiated by the bold step of an engagement proposal. A college degree is initiated by the bold step of application and enrollment. A commitment to follow Christ is celebrated by the bold step of public baptism. Often we stop at the border of a new season, reluctant to commit ourselves to the implications of a bold step, but the journey cannot start without it.