The Grave Robber


The Wine Maker

February 11, 2018 • Brian Scramlin

It’s funny how we can trust in God for the big things – speaking the universe into existence out of nothing or holding all 118 elements together at the subatomic level. But, we are shy to believe God will miraculously break through the smaller, more personal things. Today, we consider Jesus transmuting H2O into C2H5OH (alcohol, i.e. wine) not to save a life, but to save face, not only for a universal reason, but a personal one.

Don't Miss the Miracle

February 4, 2018 • Brian Scramlin

Right now, you’re hurtling through space at 67,108 miles an hour. According to bioengineers, your brain is capable of performing 10 quadrillion calculations every second, on only ten watts of power. In other words, we don’t go through life never seeing miracles, we go through life never not seeing them. But, have you ever noticed?