Consumer to Steward

October 1, 2017 • Brian Scramlin

Consumer to Steward is a shift from acquiring things for ourselves to offering what we have to God and others. We complain about our salaries, stockpile more than we can use, and then want more. But, the Holy Spirit can change us into being stewards who see that all we have is only borrowed from God. Then, we’ll become less attached to things, more generous, and measure success by God’s standards!

Seen to Unseen Testimony

September 24, 2017 • Emily Haarer

Seen to Unseen

September 24, 2017 • Brian Scramlin

Seen to Unseen is a shift in values from embracing things that are temporary to embracing things that are eternal. We’re born into a tangible world, but around us is another world, only able to be seen through the eyes of faith. God wants us to learn to see now what we will have no problem seeing when Heaven and Earth are one. If we do begin to see, our values will shift and our actions will follow!

Me to You

September 10, 2017 • Brian Scramlin

Me to you is a shift in orientation from focusing on ourselves to focusing on others. We are wired, all of us, for self-preservation. From birth, our first struggles are selfish ones. So the shift from thinking primarily about “me” to thinking primarily about “you” is one of the most fundamental shifts we will make. Indeed, the whole world is different when we see it through the eyes of someone else.