A Fellowship of Differents

A Living Display of the Kingdom

What Really Changes the World

Pastor Dave Romoser • June 11, 2017

If the church is to live out it's primary calling to live as a display of the Kingdom of God so that others might be drawn to Him and find the life Jesus kept insisting was available here and now through him, can that be transformative in their lives and in the world around them? If so, how?

Love Feasts & Liberation

Pastor Dave Romoser • June 4, 2017

Central to the story of God rescuing and restoring creation is the simple practice of sharing a meal. What is it about this simple blessing that creates such a sacred space for a transformative experience?

The Heart of Who We Are

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 28, 2017

Pastor Dave unpacks the vision of Newsong to reveal the clear calling and strategy for our journey together as a Kingdom community

Love That Wins

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 21, 2017

In our culture, love is often seen as primarily an emotion... a response based on attraction or pleasure. However, the biblical picture of love is far more robust and substantial and is the only means of navigating the challenges of a relationship moving towards unity in light of our differences.

The First Word

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 14, 2017

For the church to become and function as "an undivided oneness of differents", we must grasp the profound gift called simply "grace" and give it room to transform our way of moving in the world (Child dedication stories are included in the podcast)

An Undivided Oneness

Pastor Dave Romoser • May 7, 2017

For many, the Church is the primary instrument for shaping what the Christian life looks like and how to go about living it out. So, an important question would be... is the Church an accurate reflection of God's intention?