Lenses On Scripture: The First Sons

A Tale of Tension: Working For A Better Future

Pastor Grant Romoser-Claunch • September 27, 2020

In the lineage of Cain we get introduced to a young generation who learned to live into the tension of their family’s history. By caring and taking in those stories, they were able to lean into the sacred space of reconciling the good with the bad that that kind of tension raises to work for a better and brighter tomorrow. The holy tension of Cain’s lineage invites us into this journey too.

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Pastor Tim Giltner • September 20, 2020

Pastor Tim offers insight into the dangers of being unaware of our tendency to think of God wrongly

The Comparison Trap

Pastor Lindsey Apple • September 13, 2020

As we examine the ancient story of Cain and Abel, the temptation is to compare their offerings and God’s response, assessing and ranking. But comparison leads to shame, judgement and destruction, even death. Perhaps there’s an alternative approach worth considering as we learn from Cain and Abel, gaining better tools to cultivate healthy relationships. Perhaps the practices of empathy and gratitude become just the antidote we need to heal our brokenness and shame and to bring God our best offering.

Everybody Loves An Underdog

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 6, 2020

Pastor Dave opens the series with a look at Genesis 4-5 through the lens of the lineage of Jesus and what's underneath God's ongoing favor towards the "underdog"