Covered In The Dust of the Rabbi

Living In God's Love

Pastor Grant Claunch • February 26, 2017

When we think about responsibilities, we usually think of all the things we have to do... but what if, instead of doing more, God just wanted us to be in His love for us? (Q&A from both services included)

Love For Enemy

Pastor Lindsey Apple • February 19, 2017

If you want to learn how to love God more deeply…start by learning to love your enemy.

Living In The Flow of Creation

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 12, 2017

Why is it that Jesus speaks with such strong words when it comes to how we manage and view our "stuff"? Is there a larger truth underneath his warnings? (Q&A from both services included)

The Rabbi Believes You Have What It Takes

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 5, 2017

What does it mean to be a "follower of Jesus"? What does that imply today and what did it mean 2000 years ago when Jesus called his disciples? (Q&A from both services included)