Well Loved

Pulling It Together for the Next Step

November 22, 2020

Pastor Dave along with Pastor Grant and Pastor Lindsey discuss the the larger arc of this series and the implications for what it looks like to take the next step towards intentionally becoming the kind of people who naturally and easily do what Jesus commanded

The Fundamental Barrier

November 15, 2020

Jesus begins with "anger" as he delivers the Sermon on the Mount, giving us insight into what so often keeps us from the experience of what he calls "eternal life" hear and now

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

November 8, 2020

Pastor Dave turns a corner in the series moving from what the substance and quality of the life on display in the life of Jesus is, namely, faith, hope, love, joy and peace, to begin to address the question: "what is it that is keeping us from being able to live from those same underlying conditions naturally?"

The Gift of Peace

November 1, 2020

When Jesus offers his peace... When Paul assures us that God's peace will guard our hearts and minds in King Jesus, what do you understand that peace to be? How do you secure it? What is it's substance? How do you cultivate it in your own life?

The Gift of Joy

October 25, 2020

Pastor Dave explores the nature and power of joy to restore and heal at the deepest level of our soul. STORY: Pastor Grant and Mikhaela share their experience with one of joy's most counterintuitive yet life-giving realities as an underlying condition in the midst of their own journey of loss and mourning

It All Begins With Love

October 18, 2020

Central to our capacity to live the life here and now that Jesus keeps insisting is available through him, is the need to not just comprehend, but to cultivate what love actually is and how it's intended to come to completion in us and through us.

The Conditions for the Good Life

October 11, 2020

Over and over, Jesus invited people into an experience of life he referred to as "eternal" or "abundant" life. His invitation was into a certain quality of life, upheld by specific realities that enabled him to sleep calmly in the midst of a great storm at sea, to face the horrors of the journey to his death and still choose to walk that path, to look out upon the crowd who demanded his death and came to watch and jeer as he hung on a cross dying and still utter pleas in their defense to the Father. How does Jesus do that? Where does that kind of fearlessness, courage and compassion come from?

You Can't Give From What You Don't Have

October 4, 2020

Pastor Dave begins a series designed to help us discover and understand one of the most significant, and yet most often overlooked, dimensions of formation into the image and character of Jesus and how that severely limits our ability to become mature followers of Christ