I Shall Not Want

Goodness Running After Me

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 23, 2020

David wraps up this powerful description of his life in the hands of the Good Shepherd with an assurance of His trustworthiness in all dimensions of life, always...

Something Much Deeper Is Happening

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 16, 2020

As the psalmist moves through his poem, the metaphor shifts slightly once again revealing the God who is the Good Shepherd now as the One who is also a gracious host. The question is... why the shift? Why a gracious host and what's the relationship to the flow of the poem?

The Only Way Forward Is Through

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 9, 2020

Psalm 23 is perhaps best known for the comfort found in times of loss and grief from the poet's words, "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for You are with me." And yet, as is often the case, there's so much more just below the surface

It's In His Nature

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 2, 2020

In Psalm 23, the poet-shepherd describes with simple words that reflect a profound experience of satisfaction and trust, how it is that the Good Shepherd meets the most fundamental needs of his beloved sheep

The Metaphor Works For A Reason

Pastor Dave Romoser • July 26, 2020

Pastor Dave opens a series from one of the most well known and revered Psalms with a look into the unique nature and power of the relationship between the shepherd and his sheep