This Is US

Things I've Learned Along The Way

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 11, 2018

Pastor Dave closes the series sharing some final thoughts from his own faith journey that have helped shape the DNA of Newsong

What's Driving Your Story?

Pastor Dave Romoser • February 4, 2018

One of the fundamental needs of the human spirit is purpose. Why am I here? What do I want? What am I supposed to do with my life? Purpose is a crucial component of every story as it is the engine that drives the narrative and helps us experience meaning. We believe that it is within the great story of God that we all find our truest sense of purpose and the clarity to answer those crucial questions Story: Anne Schomaker from Eden's Glory

Stories of Belonging

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 28, 2018

Newsong celebrates the blessing of family and belonging with child dedications and stories from a variety of Newsongers

Vulnerability...The Path To Connection

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 21, 2018

We are hard-wired for connection and story is woven into our DNA but the experience of deep, authentic relationships is an intentional journey that begins with the willingness to be vulnerable. Story: Shelly Romoser interviews Nick & Kristina Heckelman

The Story Always Starts At The Beginning

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 14, 2018

Pastor Dave discusses the “new song” that has defined the journey of Newsong and shaped who we are and are becoming

Everybody Wants To Live A Better Story

Pastor Dave Romoser • January 7, 2018

Every family has a story that gives them direction and purpose and a way of engaging the world around them. Pastor Dave opens the series with a conversation about the church as a family and power of story to understand and shape the journey of the family of Newsong (Q&A included)