Teach Us To Pray

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 23, 2016

We wrap up the series with a look into Jesus' model prayer for a fresh understanding of how to converse and commune with God

The Troubling Questions

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 9, 2016

What do you do when the Bible seems to have contradictory passages? How do you make sense of it? Trust it? Engage it? Today we take on the questions that come from what are sometimes referred to as the "dark passages"... that tend to create confusion or dissension both inside and outside the faith.

Manuscript or Manual?

Pastor Dave Romoser • October 2, 2016

The question under the question that sets the stage for some of the deeper questions surrounding the Scriptures

People of The Book

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 25, 2016

Pastor Dave teaches on the impact of the Scriptures in the story of the people of Israel, the Christian faith and, ultimately, the world.

Who's "In" and Who's "Out"?

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 18, 2016

Is your understanding of what it means to "be saved" based on how the Bible talks about it or from some other influence? In other words, if all you had to go on was what the Bible says, would your understanding of what that means be any different?

Questions About Heaven

Pastor Dave Romoser • September 4, 2016

For many, their understanding of heaven is often shaped more by culture and religion than the biblical narrative. Heaven is generally the thought of life after death in "the sweet bye and bye"… but is that the picture painted in Scripture?

Why Would A Loving God Send People to Hell?

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 28, 2016

An interesting and valid question for those of us looking to reconcile the realities of a loving God and the eternal outcome for those who have no interest in the life He offers.

Questions From Hell

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 21, 2016

The stories of Jesus often have a "this is about that" dimension to them. There's what's on the surface of the story and then there's the deeper truth that invites us to engage the Kingdom of God at work here and now. So, in this story of the rich man and Lazarus, what is it that we might miss if we settle for "this"?

Questions About Hell

Pastor Dave Romoser • August 14, 2016

For some, their understanding of "hell" often feels confusing or seems difficult to reconcile with what they see in Jesus or what they're discovering about God. What do the Scriptures actually say about it? To what degree is our understanding of it influenced by culture or history? And, more importantly, what does Jesus have to say about it?

A Space for Questions

Pastor Lindsey / Pastor Dave & Shelly Romoser • August 7, 2016

The new series, "Question & Response", opens with the remaining questions submitted when Lindsey interviewed Dave & Shelly two weeks ago and transitions into the story of the beginning of Newsong and the beautiful journey of faith found in wrestling with faith & doubt